Welcome to the Urban IQ Home Page. We are a bespoke consultancy offering strategic, management and financial solutions to local authorities, the NHS and other local public service providers. Our aim is to bring you the creativity, confidence and credibility needed to resolve the many problems facing the public sector in 21st Century urban Britain.

We offer a range of consultancy and interim support services to deliver tailored packages of skills and experience to meet our clients’ needs. We are flexible and adaptable and are as at home working with partner providers as we are drawing on our own resources. This gives us the breadth and scale needed to meet all the challenges you face, be they strategic advice, resource marshalling, technical information and guidance, programme and project delivery or interim management solutions.

Our team offer:

  • the experience of having worked in the public sector for many years in a range of settings and roles,
  • the creativity and intellect to bring you innovative, informed and independent approaches to your challenges,
  • the determination to deliver successful, practical and implementable solutions,
  • the technical skills needed to keep you abreast of the complexity and rate-of-change with which todays public service providers have to cope, and
  • an evidence-based approach which ensures that the support we give reflects realities and not just suppositions.

By navigating this web-site you can find out more about who we are, what we do, who we work with and how you can contact us.

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